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Bella Bedroom

(Code: 000035)

660 - 630 USD (Price per piece)

1 - 100

Bella Bedroom is made with 18 mm first quality chipboard, leather headboard, and designed with small MDF profil details.

1 Set is 5 pieces which includes;

1 Wardrobe

1 Dresser with Mirror

1 Bed (150*200)

2 Night Stands

If the order quantity is high enough we can change the standart sizes of all modules. We can also add optional parts to the set which are;

*Stand Mirror

*Chest of Drawers 


*Puf (Ottoman) 

Wardrobe239,3 CM233,0 CM57,5 CM234,3 KG0,564 M37 ADET188,0 DESİ
Chest of Drawers123,0 CM75,5 CM44,5 CM58,5 KG0,162 M31 ADET54,0 DESİ
Nightstand57,0 CM55,0 CM44,5 CM27 KG0,019 M32 ADET6,3 DESİ
Bedstead205,6 CM34,5 CM156,0 CM44,4 KG0,12 M33 ADET40,0 DESİ