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Balti Bedroom

(Code: 000041)

887 - 830 USD (Price per piece)

1 - 100
Balti Bedroom
Balti Bedroom combines sportiness and comfort with its leather-upholstered and button-upholstered form. The right door of the wardrobe has a self-framed bronze mirror and the legs of the bedside stand and the dresser are lacquered wood. Handle details add richness to the set with its gold color used in thin lines and impress you with the elegance in details. Thanks to its box spring bed, it is functional and creates extra space.

BaltiBedroom is made with 18 mm first quality chipboar and designed with mdf profiles for a better look.

1 Set is 5 pieces which includes;

1 Wardrobe

1 Dresser with Mirror

1 Bed (150*200)

2 Night Stands

If the order quantity is high enough we can change the standart sizes of all modules. We can also add optional parts to the set which are;

*Stand Mirror

*Chest of Drawers 


*Puf (Ottoman) 

Wardrobe251,6 CM212,0 CM645 CM289,6 KG0,813 M38 ADET271,0 DESİ
Chest of Drawers129,0 CM91,5 CM48,0 CM52,7 KG0,128 M32 ADET42,7 DESİ
Bedstead156,0 CM32,5 CM205,6 CM69,25 KG0,196 M32 ADET65,3 DESİ
Nightstand64,5 CM63,5 CM48,0 CM20,55 KG0,059 M32 ADET19,7 DESİ